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LA Woman Breakfast Conversation

Tuesday, October 6th
8:00-10:30 am
The Vantage Room (Hollywood & Highland)
Hollywood, CA

This event will be part of an established series organized by the magazine, featuring expert panelists and thought provoking Q&As. Past conversations have included Diane Keaton (actress), Maria Shriver (philanthropist), and Mayor Eric Garcetti, among many other notable leaders and celebrities.

The 2015 LA Woman Breakfast Conversation will feature XPRIZE as the exclusive event partner. We expect 80-100 LA influencers to be in attendance, which will help us tap into our target female audience. The topic is: Competition. The panel will be moderated by Mary Melton, Los Angeles Magazine Editor-in-Chief. Panelists will include 2 XPRIZE Women, Eileen Bartholomew (XPRIZE SVP Prizes) and Susan Cartsonis (Storefront Films) plus 2 others, chosen by Los Angeles Magazine.

Producer Susan Cartsonis/Talent Manager Joanne Horowitz on Reel Hollywood Live

Persistence key for female film-makers

screendailyA Warner Bros. executive has called for more scripts written by women writers to help correct the film industry's gender imbalance.

Speaking on a panel at the Toronto International Film Festival about financing female-led features, Niija Kuykendall, VP of production at Warner Bros Pictures, said: "I don't get a lot of material come my way from women.

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Toronto Film Festival 2015 Upfront Panel on Financing Female Films at the CBS

Toronto Film Festival UPFRONT Financing Female-Led Films

Toronto Film Festival UPFRONT Financing Female-Led Films

Saturday, September, 12

Glenn Gould Studio

A fearless and very topical dialogue on the realities of female-led projects, with perspectives on talent and storytelling, the uphill funding battle, and strategies of female executives. How and why do films that are led by women seemingly receive less funding? Does the female auteur bring a nuanced perspective and how does this impact the audience, and sales? How can female executives drive change? In Collaboration With Google.

  • Susan Cartsonis (President, Storefront Film Group)
  • Lydia Dean-Pilcher (Vice President of Motion Pictures for the Producer's Guild of America and Chair of the Women's Impact Network of the PGA)
  • Niija Kuykendall (VP of Production, Warner Bros Pictures)
  • Gigi Pritzker (Co-Founder, OddLot Entertainment)
  • Anna Serner (CEO, Swedish Film Institute)

Moderated by Wendy Mitchell of The British Council

Monday, September 14th

Gardiner Museum

Tiffany & Co. Luncheon and Panel Discussion
Women in Entertainment: Where Are We Today and What Does the Future Hold?


  • Susan Cartsonis - Producer of The Duff, Women in Film - Los Angeles, Board of Directors
  • Catherine Hardwicke - Director of Twilight, Red Riding Hood, Miss You Already
  • Patricia Rozema - Director, Into the Forest

Moderated by Heather Webb, Executive Director of Women in Film - Toronto

Decoding Stereotypes in Media Panel at Bentonville Film Festival

Susan will be the moderator for the Decoding Sterotypes in Media panel at the Bentonville Film Festival on Wednesday May 6 at 5pm.

Moderator: Susan Cartsonis Panelist: Julie Anne Cromett (Google), Judith Williams (Google), Dianne Ikemiyashiro (Miles in Tomorrowland), Sonia Subramanian (YouTube Engineer), Crystal Dilworth (YouTube/Science Expert)

Despite the growing number of STEM jobs and the rising influence of technology in society, the number of ethnically diverse girls and boys studying STEM low. Code2040 reports that Blacks and Latinos represent less than 10% of tech industry workers. For children to be inspired to study STEM, they need to see role models they can relate to in movies, on TV, and in the tech industry. But in today's Hollywood, these characters are generally absent and these stories are not told. How can we change this? By telling new, interesting, and diverse stories that feature underrepresented individuals as the protagonists of their own STEM-related stories. This panel will feature Top entertainment creators along with senior Google engineers how tech, entertainment, and media can start to tell a different story – one that will reflect an ever-changing and multicultural population across the Americas.

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