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Bentonville Film Festival

In addition to being a juror, Susan Cartonis will be moderating the panel "Power of the Pen" at the Bentonville Film Festival, May 5 - 9, 2015. More Details

The Duff

The Duff - Hollywood Reporter, April 3 - 10, 2015 - click here

At The Box Office, It's No Longer A Man's World

The Duff - New York Times, March 23, 2015 - click here

Film Review: ‘The Duff’

Mae Whitman plays the Designated Ugly Fat Friend in this witty, sensitive modern update of 'Pygmalion.' Read More

'The DUFF' Review: Sweet, Hysterical Teen Comedy is This Decade's 'Mean Girls'

Mae Whitman reveals herself to be one of the funniest actresses of her generation in a spot-on and endlessly quotable take on teenage "dramz" in 2015.  Read More

The year in movies: Battle of the sexes at the box office

(CNN) -- Think back over your favorite blockbusters this year. How many of them starred women in leading roles? Chances are, the answer is slim to none. Read More

Waiting for Wonder Woman

HOLLYWOOD — MAYBE because I have seven nieces whose dreams matter to me, maybe because I have so many female friends whose talents dazzle me, or maybe just because I think it's madness not to encourage and recognize the full potential of half of the human race, I keep looking to the movies for something better. For something more equitable. Read More